Michigan Creative Video

Creative Videos

Our video team thrives in the realm of creativity, and we would love nothing more than to brainstorm a concept and assemble a crew for your visual masterpiece.
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Animated & Explainer Videos

Looking for a new approach to visual media? We have a talented graphic design team on staff that can put your ideas into motion - no lights, no camera, just action!
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Informational Videos

Have a product or service that you want to explain to your customers? We are here to help! We specialize in providing informational content that will be engaging and entertaining.
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Interviews and Testimonial Videos

We have dedicated, professional staff who will go to your location and shoot interviews and testimonials to be used in promotional materials or on your website! View Examples

Professional video production located in Lansing, MI

For your video project, look no further – we are excited about all video projects as well as working with the local community. Each project is different and whatever the look and feel you would like to achieve, we will create it! We have an arsenal of ideas and we would love to hear yours.

Our goal is to simply provide expert creative services to Michigan businesses. We believe in Michigan and know that the spirit of the community and its businesses will drive the local and state economies to new heights. We value our team of creative professionals, and we foster creativity and leadership in each one of them. Greater Lansing is the center of this movement of creativity, prosperity, and growth. Why not join together and make it a truly amazing place to live, work—and prosper?

Custom Packages

We won’t lump you into a category – we would really like to build you a custom package. However, we understand that you may want to see some examples; we can get behind that. We want to get you exactly what you’re looking for, so just give us a call!

Our videos are like holiday gifts: they’re best if you call us and tell us exactly what you’d like. We’re here for you!

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